Although I read a lot (as you may have guessed) I always feel like I’m stupid and not absorbing it properly, and that I don’t express my thoughts about what I’m reading properly. This has been especially exacerbated since I started law school, when I discovered that no, I am definitely not as smart as I thought I was. A little bit of that has transferred over to the rest of my life as well. It makes me sad to think of how broad but shallow my depth of knowledge really is.



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7 responses to “Insecurity

  1. Don’t need to be broad-minded to be a good lawyer. Become a “specialist” in your chosen field of law. Narrow is good unless you want to be like a doctor, that is, a general practioner.

    good luck

    michael j
    Conshohocken, PA USA

    • Thanks for the well-wishes!

      I do have a narrow interest in what I would like to do once I pass the bar–criminal probably–but this is mostly referring to non-law related reading, which I would still like to keep up because ONLY doing law-related reading makes me boring and depressed.

  2. Criminal law?
    Can you represent one charged with rape? How about someone police claim beat a 76-year-old woman with her cane after breaking into her house and finding only $26 on the kitchen table of her South Philadelphia home?

    Had to look for another line of work shortly after working out a deal in that last case.

    michael j
    former Philadelphia public defender

    • Ideally I would like to work for the prosecutor’s office, but with the way that the job market seems to be going, I do not know how likely that will be. I realize that criminal law is not a sunshine and daisies type of field.

      • It can be a true calling, but you have to develop a thick skin no matter which side you argue.

        I prosecuted a few cases when in the Army. Didn’t like it. Wasn’t a lawyer, but an officer they drew from the ranks of second lieutenants to represent the military.

        Hope you like the courtroom. It’s a place to shine!

        michael j

  3. I get the same feeling of stupidity when I read really brilliant books.

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