“Breaking Up With Books”

While I’ve usually tried to focus on original content on this blog, this article was too amusing to pass up. It’s Not You, It’s Me: Breaking Up With Books by Sonya Chung ran in The Millions a couple of days ago and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. It’s an intriguing way to break up books she’s put down–where I’ve just got a small shameful list that are grouped together, she has them arranged in groups she’d like to try again (this group contained a lot of books I love a lot), groups she wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole, and books she struggled with a put down but is glad she finished (also a lot of books I loved–Zagajewski, for example.) The best category though: Books Written By Friends/Acquaintances That I May Have Been Destined Not to Like in the First Place, But Gave Them a Try For Friendship’s Sake.

So how about you? Have there been any books you simply haven’t been able to get through?



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2 responses to ““Breaking Up With Books”

  1. teadevotee

    Oh god, loads! Too many to even remember. Child in Time by Ian McEwan, definitely. Everything I’ve ever picked up by Thomas Hardy. Ditto Auster. And Tolstoy. I used to feel guilty about this, but then, meh: lives too short and there are so many great books I DO want to read!

    • I agree about life being too short–one of the first things I tried to read and write up on this blog was one of THOSE.

      Sad about Hardy and Tolstoy, though–I’ve come to appreciate the former in my old age. ;P

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