Max Hastings — Winston’s War

This is going to be a short review, simply because it’s harder for me to talk about history books than it is about fiction, even though I read them just as often. Max Hastings is one of my favorite authors who focus primarily on WWII; he’s a great stylist (which is occasionally lacking in good solid historical analysis), has a dry sense of humor, and a good perspective–he’s not going to ignore anyone’s faults, and his other books on various battles of WWII can be quite scathing. This book covers the war, from Churchill’s involvement and perspective. Here, you can tell that Hastings really reveres Churchill (as many, many people do), but also gives him a fair and balanced portrayal, with all of his warts and faults. It was incredibly readable and isn’t just repetitive of the approximately 100 million books already written about Churchill, I feel like it offered a bit of a fresh perspective as well. Recommended if you’re interested in military history, Churchill, or the Second World War.


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