Italo Calvino — Invisible Cities

Invisible Cities is an incredibly charming book, written in simple, dream-like language about a multitude of cities. Marco Polo, explorer and adventurer, converses with the emperor Kublai Khan, telling him stories of fantastical cities that may or may not exist, cities that in the end may just be different versions of each other. The book is slim, written in a series of page-long vignettes, little prose poems about the different cities, magical places that nevertheless feel grounded in the real world. Maybe… just maybe… they could exist, somewhere. After all–how is a city constructed entirely in between two high peaks, floating on a series of ropes, pulleys, and nets any less amazing and fantastic than, say, New York? This is a book that I read continually when I am feeling a bit down–there’s nothing like it for re-instilling that childish sense of wonder.


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