Ian Tregillis — Bitter Seeds

This is one of those books that grabs you from the beginning with the promise of the story and you hope, hope against hope that it doesn’t disappoint you. Bitter Seeds is an alternate WWII history where the Nazis have developed an X-Men like mutant sociopath squad, and the British Intelligence Agency are a bunch of blood-magic-performing warlocks. Got your interest yet?

It would be easy to brush this off as silliness but the fact remains that the book is actually quite well-written. The concept is fascinating but the actual bits of history are well-researched and the conceit fits in well with it. The characters are slightly chilling and well-developed. I don’t have a whole lot to say about this except that I quite enjoyed it, and I’m surprised I haven’t been hearing more about it. Quite looking forward to reading the rest of this trilogy.


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  1. I love the damning with faint praise, “the book is actually quite well-written”. Like you, I’m quite looking forward to reading the remaining books in the series. For a longer review, see: http://opionator.wordpress.com/2010/11/02/bitter-seeds-by-ian-tregillis/

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