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Book purchases made against my better judgment.


Very sad that the Borders in Center City is closing up. Out of the two big chains, I always much preferred Borders (though I was a Barnes & Noble employee… or perhaps because I was a Barnes & Noble employee!) because I felt that their selection was a little better, especially in regards to literature, history, and poetry (my main concerns).

Unfortunately, their landlord raised the rent of the Center City store too high, and so that store is closing as well as the one in King of Prussia.

I felt a little weird picking through closing sale books (everything must go!), especially with the knowledge that the employees cheerfully greeting me would soon be out of work. It felt very vulture-like, as though I was going over the store’s bones. Still, 10 books for around $100 was a pretty great deal, especially considering what I managed to find.

This was a great incentive to finally buy a copy of Stacia Kane’s Downside series (though try as I might I could not find the second book!) instead of repeatedly taking them out of the library. I also think I might already own Sigurd & Gudrun in hardcover, but I couldn’t remember for sure.



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The library and the bookstore

The other day I was feeling rather under the weather, and the solution to those feelings is always books. Two of them were library acquisitions; two were bought at the Last Word against my better judgment. Unsurprisingly, I did feel rather better…


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Lucky book find of the day!

The Endeavour Journal of Sir Joseph Banks
It’s going to take me a little while to get through my next book, Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo, and I couldn’t find Shades of Milk and Honey ANYWHERE in the city (can you believe it?) so here is a little book-related post to tide you over. (Also, please ignore my ridiculous hair, it’s been hot out and I was running all over to meet my boyfriend and his coworkers for tortas at lunch.)

While browsing through the Penn bookstore’s bargain section, I found The Endeavour Journal of Sir Joseph Banks. Banks was a baronet and a naturalist and the voyage this journal is from was dated 1768 – 1771, he sailed to Brazil, then Tahiti, New Zealand, and Australia, stopping in Botany bay and also discovering something like 800 new species and cataloging them all extensively. He was also a pretty interesting character in his own right. I was thrilled to find this because not only did I have no idea it was still even in print (I’d been reading it on Project Gutenberg), but it was only $4! I’m assuming some professor had it printed for a class and then it got remaindered. Either way, this was a pleasant surprise this morning. And I also renewed my library card. Vacation is treating me well so far.

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Brickbat Books is my downfall

Katia Kapovich's Cossacks & Bandits; Austen's Sense & Sensibility

Because I’m a student on a strict budget, I told myself I wouldn’t make any personal purchases, because I was dropping a lot of money on my boyfriend’s birthday present (a new messenger bag) but Brickbat Books is right next to the bike shop where we were picking it up, and he was late so I went to browse through the store, and then there were all of these lovely books, and I finally saw a poetry collection by Katia Kapovich in person, and they had this copy of the new Penguin classics clothbound edition, and well, I don’t know how it happened but when I left the store, my bank account was a little lighter and I had these two new beauties in my hands…!

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