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Labyrinth Books, Princeton NJ

S. and I headed up to Princeton with friends today; the boys went out on the river in kayaks and canoes, and dropped me off downtown and let me wander around on my own (because I am not, repeat not an outdoorsy person, and the last time we went canoeing I fell in the Delaware river and sulked for the rest of the day). Luckily, I found Labyrinth Books to entertain me.

Labyrinth is a surprisingly roomy bookstore on Nassau Street, with a tempting selection of sale tables set up outside of the store, with books priced anywhere from $1 to $12. I was drawn in by a clearance rack of Oxford Worlds’ Classics, though I allowed myself only Scott’s last expedition journals, at a reasonably priced $5. The inventory is incredibly well curated, a mix of new and used books, with the used books having pretty decent prices and seemingly in great quality. I could have spent a few hours browsing around in here, easily, but unfortunately the amount of awesome things that they have proved too tempting to stay much longer.

Instead, I set up outside of a fountain courtyard and did this for several hours:


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